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Type 1 and type 2 diabetics have an acute reaction to Sildenafil drugs with a high content of animal proteins. Local signs of allergies are grouped into the following types: The Arthus Phenomenon. Symptoms appear within 5-8 hours in the form of itching, pain, infiltration. Tuberculous type makes itself felt after 12 hours. Two-phase. The early phase is manifested by reddening of the skin, overflowing, flowing into the 2nd after 6 hours, on which an infiltrate is formed that viagra 100mg lasts up to several days. The system features are: spasms in the bronchi; hives; joint and muscle pain; angioedema; anaphylactic shock, as the final stage of allergy.

In diabetics, the origin of an allergic reaction is the presence of preservatives and animal proteins in low-quality drugs for diabetes, which provoke an acute response of the immune system. An acceptable component is artificial or human insulin, as it practically does not cause negative effects. At the first symptoms of viagra, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor and change the drug taken to a more suitable composition. Symptoms of non-perception of a particular component by the body are not very different from the signs of diabetes. The reason for the development of an allergic reaction may be the consumption of viagra pills rich in carbohydrates, such as: chocolate; flour products, pastries; some fruits.

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The use of carbohydrate-containing foods in an immoderate amount leads to an increase in the concentration of insulin in the blood. The body gives a signal in the form of a rash, redness, severe itching. The same symptoms occur when sensitivity to these products is exacerbated. The disappearance of symptoms with a normal sugar level is a sign of diabetes, not allergies.

Low temperatures can also cause an acute response in the body of generic viagra pills. Symptoms of an allergy to cold are special: redness and peeling on the face and hands occurs only after exposure to frost. If such a reaction to a decrease in air temperature is observed, it is required to regularly monitor the level of glucose in the blood plasma (from 4 times a day), as well as protect the face and hands from the influence of low temperature. It is required to consult a doctor for advice regarding the treatment of allergies.

This can be avoided by using modern highly purified products. The formation of antibodies in response to insulin received from outside is determined by the genetic predisposition of the patient. Different people may have different reactions to the same drug.

Allergic reactions to insulin.

According to statistics, insulin allergy occurs in 5-30% of cases. The underlying cause of the pathology is the presence of whitekov in insulin preparations, which are perceived by the body as antigens. The use of any preparations of the hormone insulin can lead to allergies.